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Sheridan’s programs are recognized for excellence in business, digital media and communications, performing arts, visual arts and design, applied computing and engineering sciences, and community services studies.


Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

Programs in areas such as:

  • Animation and Game Design
  • Design, Illustration and Photography
  • Film, TV and Journalism
  • Fundamentals: Art and Media
  • Material Art and Design
  • Music and Performing Arts
  • Special Effects and Makeup
  • Visual and Creative Arts

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Faculty of Applied Health and Community Studies

Programs in areas such as:

  • Animal and Veterinary Care
  • Community Safety
  • Education and Youth Care
  • Investigation and Policing
  • Kinesiology and Athletic Therapy
  • Nursing
  • Paralegal and Justice Studies
  • Personal Support Worker
  • Pharmacy
  • Social Service Worker

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Faculty of Applied Science and Technology

Programs in areas such as:

  • Applied Chemical and Environmental Sciences
  • Applied Computing
  • Apprenticeship Training
  • Architectural Technology
  • Computer Science and Programming
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Technology Fundamentals
  • Trades: Electrical, Plumbing, Tool and Die, Welding

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Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Programs in areas such as:

  • Creative Writing and Publishing
  • English Language Studies (ESL)
  • General Arts and Sciences
  • Pre-Health Sciences
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

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Pilon School of Business

Programs in areas such as:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Business Analysis and Process Management
  • Creative Industries Management
  • General Business
  • Human Resources
  • International Business
  • Office Administration
  • Project Management
  • Supply Chain Management

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Sheridan credentials

Ontario College Certificates

College Certificate programs can generally be completed in one year or less. Some are career-specific; others are Foundation programs. Foundation programs are a stepping-stone to further study in your field of interest. They introduce theory and practice to students who want to assess their talent, build a basic portfolio or skill set, and chart a course for further study.


Diplomas are two-year programs. Some are for a broad base of study, which enables graduates to pursue various career opportunities, and others are more focused as preparation for a specific field of work.

Advanced diplomas

Advanced diplomas are three-year programs. Similar to diploma programs, these programs prepare students with further specialized study. The advanced diploma offers more intense concentration on the subject matter. Graduates from these programs can choose from a variety of career opportunities within their field.


These Honours bachelor and bachelor degree programs combine theory and critical thinking with hands-on, applied learning and practical work terms. Top employers compete for our graduates, and entrance into the programs can be highly competitive; we recommend that you apply early.

Graduate certificates

Graduate certificates are one-year programs that generally require applicants to have a postsecondary diploma or degree. In these programs, students hone their skills and earn specialized knowledge to gain a competitive edge in the job market. Many of these programs offer the opportunity to gain practical experience through a work term or practicum.

Find your pathway

The program you start in isn’t always your final destination. Wherever you are in your studies or in your career path, Sheridan has many options for you.

Degree Completion

Sheridan provides opportunities for eligible students to complete degrees. Degree Completion offers advanced diploma graduates the pathway to enter a related degree program at a specified level. Degree Completion is offered for programs in the Pilon School of Business, and the Faculty of Applied Science and Technology, and the Faculty of Applied Health and Community Studies. Refer to the program pages on our website for Degree Completion information or write to

Academic Upgrading

Sheridan’s Academic Upgrading program provides you with the skills you’ll need to satisfy the admissions requirements to apply for a college certificate or diploma program, or improve your job readiness. The program offers flexible Academic and Career Entrance (ACE)-level courses (C-equivalent) in communications, math, biology, chemistry and computers to meet your specific educational needs.

Transfer credits

Pathways provides you with options to advance your academic standing by applying previously earned learning credits to your current program of study. Through our innovative online Advanced Standing application, you apply to transfer credits earned at another recognized postsecondary institution to your Sheridan program. Review the details on our website.

Collaborative/Joint degrees

Collaborative programs are partnerships between Sheridan and its university partners where students study at both institutions. Some collaborative programs allow students to earn credentials from both schools, while others confer graduates with the university credential alone.

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